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tips and tricks - చిట్కాలు మరియు ట్రిక్స్

డెస్క్టాప్ మీద ఐకాన్ border నీడలు తొలగించండి


This border on desktop icons can be created when the desktop items have been locked, to unlock the desktop web items right click on an empty area of your desktop. Now select Arrange icons by and uncheck 'Lock web items on desktop' if it has a little tick next to it. If you did not have a tick here then Right click on your my computer icon and view its properties, now click the advanced tab and then on the settings button under performance. Now on the visual effects tab scroll down the list of effects to 'use drop shadows for icon labels on desktop' and put a tick in the box next to it, then click ok. This should remove the shadow border from your desktop icons.

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