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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Play flipkart Snakes & Ladders Game?

  • You should have the latest updated version of the Flipkart App version (android, windows, iOS)
  • So update your App or Download Flipkart App. | Offer Source
  • Click on Big Shopping Days Banner → Snake & Ladder Game.
  • You have to tap the dice to start rolling and moving forward on the game board.
  • For playing the game user needs a ‘chance’ / ‘life’ to play 1 round of the game (Each game is timed & users must finish within that time else the game ends automatically)
  • The timer starts when user clicks Play (The timer cannot be paused for any reason. Eg: kill the app, put in background, receive a call or go to some other app, internet connection issue etc.
  • All rewards earned in the game are assigned to the User. The User does not need to complete the game to retain these.
  • Reward communication will be sent to You via in-App notifications & emails (if we have it under your account details). There may be a few hours of delay in the reward communication.

Tip : To increase winning of your chances you can Share Flipkart app with friends, Activate Your Wallet, Top up your Wallet and Post reviews of your bought products.

Flipkart Snakes & Ladders Game Prizes :

  • Worth Rs. 1 Crore gift vouchers.
  • 1000 Lavie Backpacks.
  • 20 VU Full HD 55″ TVs.
  • 5 Micromax Canvas Evok Smartphones.
  • 40 BPL 40″ TVs at Rs. 10000.
  • 8 Midea Front Load Washing Machine.
  • & more prizes 

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Letv Bluetooth Headset

3 1
Letv వారు అందిస్తున్న కొత్త బ్లూటూత్ హెడ్‌సెట్‌…195 Mah బ్యాట‌రీ 10 గంట‌లు ప్లేబ్యాక్ టైమ్‌….. NFC కూడా స‌పోర్ట్ చేస్తుంది…. కాక‌పోతే ధ‌ర కాస్త ఎక్కువే రూ.2,499/-…. ఇది మీకు పింక్‌, వైట్‌, ఆరెంజ్ & రెండ్ క‌ల‌ర్స్ లో అందుబాటులోకి రానుంది.

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